Can We just wear our denim shorts in peace?

So we’re all familiar with the typical image of the car full of boys rolling down the window and delivering their opinions on a passing woman’s appearance or ‘nice tits’ but is this really the harmless ‘banter’ that society accepts it as?
See, the problem runs deeper that a few laughable and slightly creepy comments because there are an increasing number of young women who will believe these sort of remarks to be compliments and consequently act in the interests of their beholder. It’s this relaxed attitude to objectifying actions and remarks that allow women to be compared to porn stars, not politicians.
Well I’m making a stand. Girls, wouldn’t you rather be admired for your charming personality or career successes than your appearance? I’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate a confidence boost from time to time but in lowering ourselves to the level of the people dishing out these sexist remarks, we are simply proving society right. We might aswel write ‘up for grabs’ on our foreheads in lipstick.
It’s acceptance of this causal attitude that has lead to the belief that the prefect girl consists of a pair of bum shorts and a push up bra, not helped by Daily Mail articles titled ‘ Do Girls only Want A Career Because They Can’t Attract A Man?’ and ‘Forget University! It’s A Pretty Face That Guarantees A Successful Career’. however much I want to believe that these articles are total bollocks, maybe there is some truth in the fact that women are judged on beauty not brains. Why? Because casually sexist remarks such as ‘look at the arse on that’ have become accepted, consequently teaching us to view women as little more.
So girls, next time your off out and you pull on your favourite pair of denim shorts, make sure your wearing them for you, not for the attention you might attract.